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Xtreme-Z-6 and Xtreme-Z-9

The Xtreme-Z-6, with 6 inches of travel, and the Xtreme-Z-9 with 9 inches of travel are perfect if your application requires a high degree of stability and adjustability with a shorter lift requirement. 

Both Lab Jacks utilize heavy duty high precision components such as hardened rods, bronze bushings and precision machined components manufactured to high tolerances for smooth movement.

Both models are extremely stable under Minimum or Maximum Load with + or - .015” deflection (self centering) over the full range of movement. Easily adapted to Optical Tables, Optical Mounts, and other Laboratory Equipment Apparatus as well as Fixtures and Motion Systems.  The weight capacity is 75 lbs. moving, 100 lbs static.

As with all our Lab Jacks the adjustment handle is easily removed to expose the already machined flat to accept powered movement.
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