About Us

Labjacks.com inc. was founded with the purpose of supplying the market with a “much needed” line of HIGH-QUALITY labjack height stages, with weight and stroke capacities that exceed all others!

Our line of XTREME-Z labjacks was co-developed and created in conjunction with Ace Laser Tek Inc. the XTREME-Z line was designed out of necessity in our laser shop to fulfill a need that was not being addressed by other manufacturers. After several years of real-world testing and development, we are proud to offer a complete line of XTREME-Z LabJacks 100% developed, tested, manufactured, and assembled in the USA. Labjacks.com currently manufactures 6 different models ranging from 4 inches of lift of the XTREME-Z-MINI-4 to 17inches of lift from the XTREME-Z-18. Each product is made with high-quality precision components for many years of trouble-free use. With each model in our line, we offer a variety of accessories and options to best satisfy our customers’ specific needs.

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