The XTREME-Z-18 is PROUDLY manufactured in the USA. The XTREME-Z-18 travels 17 inches and has a 9.500″ by 12.000″ footprint. Perfect for applications requiring a high degree of stability and adjustability with a minimum height of 5.500” and a maximum height of 22.500”. It utilizes heavy-duty, high precision components such as hardened rods, bronze bushings and precision machined components manufactured to high tolerances using thrust and roller bearings for smooth movement.

The XTREME-Z-18 is stable under minimum or maximum load with + or – .010″ deflection (self-centering) over the full range of movement. Easily adapted to Optical Tables, Optical Mounts, and other Laboratory Equipment Apparatus as well as Fixtures and Motion Systems. The weight capacity 75 lbs.

Other manufactures require you to gang or stack their jacks to achieve 17 inches of movement. The XTREME-Z-18 is the ONLY lab-jack with the ability to move a full 17 inches of travel in the vertical (z axis) direction!

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